In the market for a new water pipe? Yeah? We’ve got some pretty sweet scientific glass functional water pipes from Zob Glass Pipes! Founded in 2004, this southern California glass manufacturer has been spitting out some of the coolest looking pipes out there and we’re super excited to be able to showcase them in each of our locations. I mean seriously, you have to stop in and check them out.

Each location features several kinds of their works of art including; OG water pipes, Bubblers, Recyclers, 4 Arm Tree’s, Customs, and more! The OG pipes take you back to the basics featuring 5mm thick straight tube beakers in three different sizes. If you’re looking for something a little fancier, check out the bubblers. With a wide variety of percs and an effective design, it’s easy to find the scientific bubbler that is right for you.

If you looking for something that’s going to give you a really smooth hit, check out the recyclers. They’re excellent water pipes that work well with both flower and concentrate blends. By keeping the water constantly moving in the chamber, creating a whirlpool-like effect, the pipe will give users full flavor without killing the lungs. Effective and doesn’t make you want to hack up a lung. #winwin

Zob Glass Pipes Make Us Happy Inside And Here’s Why:

Once you hold one of their pipes in your hand, you’ll see why we highly recommend these sturdy rigs. Each of their water pipes is created using Schott Boro Artistic & Simax clear glass along with Northstar and Glass Alchemy domestic color rods. These high quality materials are made right here in the U.S. of A. Yah! Not only does this glass give each piece a clean and sleek appearance, its’ durability will ensure the pipes will last.

If you’re interested in checking out what we have in stock, come on in. We’d love to talk to you about these great water pipes. Already have one and want to share your experience? Comment below! We’d like to know what you think about the pipes too!


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