August Birth Flower

Have you seen the flowers this summer? Aren’t they amazing? Did you happen to see the August birth flowers? They are the Gladiolus and Poppy. For our logos this month we picked the Poppy August birth flower because of how bright they can be and we could all use a little brightness in our lives right now!

The Poppy

The Poppy family known as Papaveraceae contains 775 species, mostly grown in the northern hemisphere, and are typically annual plants. The most famous being the Red Poppy and the California Golden Poppy.

Red Poppy is used in Europe as a symbol of remembrance of WW1. The blood-red color of the poppies represents the blood spilled during the conflict. Remembrance Day will be celebrated on Wednesday, November 11, 2020, people will pin a blood-red poppy to their shirts in honor of the day and the fallen.
White Poppy represents sleep and death in Greek cultures due to the powerful sedative effects found in the opium poppy.
Blue and Purple Poppies often represent wonder and imagination.
Yellow/Orange Poppies helps the heart and soul to gather light and warmth.

Medicinal uses of the poppy can be used as an astringent & sedative. Poppy is one of the most widely cultivated flowers in the world because of its use in the production of latex! The poppy plant is full of carbohydrates, calcium, and protein.

The Gladiolus

Gladiolus is also known as “Sword” in Latin, due to the fact that it grows 2′ – 5′ long stems with less than 9 leaves in an inclosed sheath, looking like a sword growing out of the ground covered in flowers! More than 10,000 cultivars exist today. So many choices with endless color combinations.

Gladiolus represents the strength of character and faithfulness. Color choice also can dictate meaning as well. Yellow could convey friendship while red could convey passion.

For many years people have made use of the Gladiolus root/corm as a topical poultice to draw out thorns or splinters. Mixing a powder made from the root or corm with goats milk helps babies stop crying!

Now that you learned about August Birth Flower check out February, March, & More to come!



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