Ever wonder what the Headed West staff is up to? Check out our favorite after work activities blog!

Headed West’s June blog unveils our staff’s favorite after work activities to let you learn a little bit more about our amazing team! We are proud to highlight the things we do after work, that you ALL may be able to relate with!

“Take a B*** Rip and play some Call Ofย Duty!”



“Watching anime and playing video games!”


“I do many things after work so it is hard to nail down a single favorite thing. Recently I have mellowed a lot so i now mostly enjoy my evenings alone or with my closest friends at home. Most nights after closing the store I pick up some Van Leeuwen ice cream and catch up on the most recent anime episodes! I’ve been a huge fan of anime since elementary school and it just keeps getting better! My current favorites are Demon Slayer, Bartender Glass of God, and Kaiju No.8! After a nice long day of work you can find me at home with a bowl of Sicilian pistachio ice cream, puffing away with my Focus V Carta 2 and watching the most recent anime!”



“A perfect day for me after work would be to hit up Alvarado’s Mexican Fast Food next door to the shop for some Carne Asada Fries! Then go home and paint or draw after doing some dabs and walking my dog! If I am not feeling up for art, then I will play video games or stream a show! Currently I am playing Assassin’s Creed Vahalla and watching any type of Horror, Anime, Documentary, Crime, Cooking, or Comedy I can find… because we finished Bridgerton.”



“My ideal after work day would be to take a hike in the back country after picking up my kids from school.”


“I love games! Board games, card games, video games, table-top role playing games. Recently I got a VR headset and it’s incredibly entertaining!! P.S.A for gamers, it’s like going from dial-up to high speed internet, it’s the next revolution in gaming. Currently I like to get a few games of Contractors Showdown (VR battle royale game), then play some Assassin’s creed in VR as guards are trying to hunt you down. Stop in the shop, add me as a friend, and lets get that winner winner chicken dinner!”



“Smoke a B**t and take a nap!”


Keep being your most awesome you and stay tuned for more insights, tips, and adventures from the Headed West team.

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