Are you prepped for the big stoner holiday yet? Still trying to figure out what to cook so you and your buddies have plenty to munch on while you’re flying around in space? No worries captain; we’ve got a list of tasty and shareable recipes to make for 420. There are goodies for everyone on your guest list.

Health(ier) Recipes

vegan brownies with walnutsSome space cadets are also health freaks so here are some delicious and healthy recipes you can make and share for your health (and not so health) conscious friends!

  1. Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Garlic Avocado Aioli
    We all know fries are the best while high so here’s a fun healthy twist to a stoner favorite. Recipe here.
  2. Brown Sugar Sriracha Sesame Popcorn
    Yummy spicy popcorn without the crazy amount of butter. Recipe here.
  3. Green Antioxidant Flush
    Cause you know you’re going to want to flush that crazy amount of THC out at some point right? Right? Recipe here.
  4. Vegan Chocolate Brownies
    Your buddies are never going to know these devilish little treats are dairy, egg, and gluten free. Recipe here.
  5. Mini Zucchini Pizza
    Really, you can’t celebrate 420 without PIZZA. Well you can, but it would be silly. Recipe here.

Just Don’t Worry About It, It’s GOOOOOD

hot wingsThese recipes aren’t exactly healthy but try not to think about that. Trust us, they’re worth it in all their delicious glory. You won’t regret it. NO REGRETS!

  1. Bacon-Wrapped Mozzarella Sticks
    Bacon + Cheese = All The Love. Recipe here.
  2. Supreme Pizza Nachos
    It’s not really 420 without pizza… So put all the things on the pizza so we can eat all the things at once. Recipe here.
  3. Bowl Day Chicken Wings
    Who said chicken wings were only for the Big Game? Forget football, let’s make a new tradition. Recipe here.
  4. Korean Shaved Milk
    If you’ve never made this milky delicious masterpiece, then you’re missing out. Recipe here.
  5. Cheeseburger Egg Rolls
    Um… What’s better than having a cheeseburger rolled up into a seriously easy to eat treat. Let’s be serious; the easier to eat the better while we’re all wandering about on the Enterprise lol. Recipe here.

We thought each of these recipes is perfect to feed the munchie monster and totally recommend you get up in this business. Do you have any awesome stoner recipes that would be perfect for 420? If so, shoot us a note or share below in the comments! Happy Munchie Time All!



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