Third Quarter Moon and its Meanings | Eight Lunar Phases

Phase seven of the moon is the Third Quarter also known as the half-moon or the last quarter moon. This phase of the moon is when exactly half of the moon is illuminated by the sun. The third-quarter moon is partly visible during the day as it rises during the night and sets during the day!

Fun Fact: This phase of the moon has the least effect on ocean tides because the sun and the moon are pulling in different directions!


the new moon and it's meanings

Spiritual Meanings of the Third Quarter Moon

It’s time to work on forgiving yourself for the silly mistakes you made throughout this moon phase! Remember all the things you were working on and manifesting? If you didn’t follow through completely it’s okay! Relax and give yourself a break.


Full Sturgeon Moon

Sturgeon Full Moon

The Full Moon of August is referred to as the Sturgeon Full Moon named after the 135 million-year-old fish, the Sturgeon! The North American Great Lakes are full of these fish and they are most readily caught in August, hence the name the Sturgeon Full Moon. Not only are these some of the oldest fish around, but they can get HUGE, like the size of a small car! 

Dates of the Third Quarter Moon 2021

7/1 & 7/31

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