Waning Crescent Moon and its Meanings | Eight Lunar Phases

The last phase of the moon is the Waning Crescent! This is the last lunar phase before the New Moon and the start of a new lunar cycle. The Waning Crescent moon is also known as the old moon. This phase is pretty much only visible in the early mornings just before dawn.

Waning means that the illuminated part of the moon is decreasing and will soon lead to a new moon. You can always tell the moon is in waning as it looks like a banana in the sky!


the new moon and it's meanings

Spiritual Meanings of the Waning Crescent

wisdom, birth, and death
It’s now time for you to relax and reflect. You have worked really hard during the last seven phases of the moon and brought manifestations to fruition, or maybe you missed a few things or didn’t reach your goals. But that’s okay because a New Moon is right around the corner. Reflect on your past month and relax, surrender to the world around you and chill out!


Harvest full moon

Harvest Full Moon

The Harvest moon is a spectacular event due to the few days that the moon rises as soon as the sun sets making for longer light illumination in the evenings. For most of the year, the moon rises 50 minutes after sunset but during the harvest moon, it rises 23-25 minutes earlier.  This lunar event helped farmers to be able to harvest their crops longer in the summer nights, hence the name Harvest Moon! 

Alternative names for the Harvest Full Moon include – Corn Moon, Mating Moon, and the Autumn Moon.

Celebrate Mabon two days after the Full Moon. Learn about Mabon HERE!

Dates of the Waning Crescent 2021

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