What are Glass Blunts?

Have you ever rolled up a ZigZag or High Hemp wrap and thought to yourself, “I wish I could smoke this much flower but without the wrap!” Well, the good news is Glass Blunts exist, and they have been around for a while! In this blog, you will learn what are glass blunts, how they function, and more!

Essentially glass blunts are made of just three components. The first is a larger cylindrical glass tube that is open on both ends, a glass tube with a mouthpiece that can slide into the larger glass tube, and something to hold the two glass pieces together like a rubber grommet or silicone tubing.

The larger cylindrical glass tube can be filled with CBD flower, tobacco, or your favorite herb and packed full or just enough for one hit. They are very easy to travel with and are helpful to those who cannot roll a handroll or those who dislike paper wraps.

What are glass blunts

How do you use a Glass Blunt?

Depending on what glass blunt you have, you can load it in different ways with as much or as little product as needed for your sesh. Take a look at the two different functional design styles of glass blunts we carry below to learn how to load them up!

Hand Blown Glass Blunt – How to use

The handblown glass blunt was the first and the original design of glass blunts. This device is made with a smaller glass tube that can slide into a larger one leaving room to put your product inside. The actual creation date of the handblown glass blunt is unknown, but we have been selling them for about 20 years now!

How do you load a glass blunt? It’s pretty easy. The first step is to grind up your CBD flower, tobacco, or favorite herb! After you have your product ready simply slide the smaller glass tube out of the larger one. Start loading your product into the glass side of the tube and keep pushing down. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t pack too tightly or you won’t be able to get a hit.

Once your product is loaded into the larger glass tube. Start by sliding the smaller glass tube through the rubber or silicone grommet. Make sure to hold your finger on the other end to prevent the flower from falling out. After this step is completed place the glass mouthpiece to your lips, take a lighter, and inhale!

The great thing about handblown glass blunts is that they keep your sesh going by creating a “cherry” at the end of the glass pipe. As you smoke the cherry or ember, will work its way down the tube and create ash. To dispose of the ash, hold the larger glass tube and press the smaller glass tube out and the ash will fall out saving your product inside!

Twisty Glass Blunt – How to use

Around mid-2016, the 7pipe brand launched the first Twisty Glass Blunt. Thanks to rappers and influencers, the craze for twisty glass blunts blew up and reached its peak in November of 2017, according to google trends. We have carried many different brands since then, but our go-to is the V12 Twisty Quartz Blunt!

The V12 Twisty Quartz Blunt consists of only three pieces. The first part is the metal assembly with an exposed screw and an eight-hole mouthpiece. Next, a rubber O ring sits at the bottom of the metal screw to hold the glass in place. The last piece of this pipe is a cylindrical quartz tube about 4 inches long. The entire metal assembly and the glass tube can be cleaned with basically any cleaning solution, but the rubber O ring must not contact any alcohol or corrosives.

The V12 Twisty Quartz Blunt is very easy to use and to load in multiple ways. The first way is to pull the glass tube off the metal screw and pack the glass tube full of CBD flower, tobacco, or your favorite herb. Once the glass tube is filled with product, cover one end and slowly screw in the metal piece until it has reached the rubber O ring. This method is best done over a rolling tray since the screwing motion pulls out some of the product.

The second method to loading a V12 Twisty Quartz Blunt leaves the entire pipe together. First, grind up your product, then press the glass end of the V12 into a jar filled with product and twist counterclockwise. You will see your product start to pull into the unit. Once your product has traveled a bit into the pipe, pack some more into the glass end and twist. Repeat this process until it gets to the end of the tube.

We find using this method creates a very tight pack and gives you the freedom to add as much or little as you would like. Twist clockwise to ash out or remove the “cherry!”

One of the benefits of the twisty glass blunt is that your smoke will spiral as you inhale cooling it a bit before it hits your mouth and lungs. The only downside to the twisty glass blunt is that you are exposing yourself to heated metal, but with advancements in metal quality, it’s not like you’re smoking off your dad’s metal pipe, lol!

Have you decided what style of glass blunt is right for you? Well take a look at the videos in the blog and see what smoking style you like the best! If you are still on the fence about what one is right for you, swing by our Englewood location and our amazing staff will show you every option we have!


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