The Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act was first established in 2006 to help protect the citizens of Colorado from the many dangers of secondhand smoke. Initially, this law only pertained to traditional tobacco cigarettes and did not include the nicotine vapor products we see today. Since then, nicotine vapor products have become much more popular and the health risks that come with using the products have also become a concern for the general population. Like traditional tobacco cigarettes, these products also expose those around you to vapor that contains cancer-causing chemicals, heavy metals, and nicotine.

Due to the recent health concerns related to using vapor products, the Colorado Legislature updated the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act to expand protections from both secondhand smoke and vapor. There are a few key changes you should know about:

Expansions to the Colorado Clean Air Act of 2006

  • Vaping will not be allowed in indoor public places, including all bars and restaurants.
  • People will have to stand at least 25 feet from entrances while smoking or vaping.
  • All hotel and motel rooms will be smoke and vape-free.
  • All businesses will be smoke and vape-free.
  • Common areas of assisted living facilities will be smoke and vape-free.

No need to fret though… there are still a number of places you can get yo’ vape of without worrying about the expansion laws. Please note, each of these establishments must meet specific requirements (most of which are noted here) in order to allow any kind of smoking.

  • Cigar bars
  • Tobacco and vape retail shops
  • Marijuana tasting rooms
  • Buildings such as barns or other outbuildings on farms or ranches

In light of the recent expansion of the Colorado Clean Air Act of 2006, only persons of 18 years of age or older may enter any of our Headed West locations. This change is in effect as of July 1st, 2019. In addition, we will continue to be vape free inside each of our stores. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our store policies.

If you are looking for additional information regarding the expansion of the Clean Air Act, please visit


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