It might be recess time for Congress, but that doesn’t mean the attack on kratom has stalled even in the slightest. The SITSA Act is still alive and well… and the American Kratom Association is still doing everything in its’ power to protect kratom and keep it legal. This means we also need to do OUR PART to help save kratom too.

Since the language of the SITSA Act is so vague, the AKA submitted the Act with one of DC’s top law firms to confirm what the act will really mean for the future of kratom. “Their conclusion: The SITSA language, as currently drafted, will allow the Attorney General and the DEA to schedule kratom, if they choose to do so, using the justification they provided in the emergency scheduling order they were forced to withdraw last year.” – Courtesy of the AKA

This is not good news people.

Under the current law, the DEA has to conclusively prove that a substance is highly addictive and poses an immediate threat to the general public. This includes submitting scientific studies of the threat and addiction level. The Secretary of US Department of Health and Human Services, Assistant Secretary of Health, National Institutes of Drug Abuse, and the National Institutes of Health all have to consult and agree with the results to justify the scheduling. If consumers disagree with the results, they currently have the option to propose a judicial review and Public Hearing to challenge the DEA action. This process is what is currently providing those checks and balances to an aggressive government.

Under the SITSA Act, all of those checks and balances go away. No scientific studies needed. No reviews by other government branches. And most importantly, no judicial review allowed to challenge any decision by the DEA. Whaaaaaa?? This is craziness – dontcha think?

What we don’t understand here is why the DEA wants to include kratom under the SITSA Act. As of right now, if the DEA wants claim any natural botanical substance (such as kratom) they can do that under the current CSA policies. “But it appears the DEA desperately wants to call kratom a dangerous drug and have the authority to ban it when given through SITSA” (AKA). This is why we do not trust the DEA when it comes to kratom and neither should you.

So what can we do about it? SUPPORT THE AKA!

This amazing group of caring individuals is doing everything in their power to continue the fight for kratom. They’ve even gone as far as having face-to-face meetings with legislators in several states where kratom is illegal and getting actual commitments – not empty promises – to repeal current bans on kratom. Woot!

The American Kratom Association desperately needs our help to continue the good fight. By supporting or volunteering for the AKA, you’re supporting and protecting your right as an American citizen to keep the freedom to make your own decisions about how you manage your own health and well-being.


The AKA is also looking for scientists, doctors, attorneys, and former medical examiners who are willing to donate time to evaluate reports and collaborate with other professionals to help stop the war on kratom. They’re not asking for a lot of time and any assistance you can provide can really make a huge impact. If you’re able to volunteer even a few minutes of your time, email Dave Herman at dave.herman[at]

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