As many of you know, Headed West has been selling kratom products for over seven years. This plant has helped thousands of Americans since it was introduced to the retail market 10 years ago. It has often been life-changing to many who have tried other therapies, including pharmaceuticals, to no avail.

We would never endorse or sell something that would cause harm to anyone. There is no evidence or proof that kratom is harmful yet the DEA has chosen to review the plant for consideration to label it as a Schedule 1 controlled substance (like heroin).


Please go to this link and let the federal government know that you are among the thousands to defend adult Americans’ right to choose a safe, non-chemical option for their bodies in order to lead an engaged and productive life. December 1st is the last day to post a comment!

The smart choice is to educate and regulate this plant but to keep it legal. This is not a synthetic or chemical medicine, it is simply a plant. Part of the coffee family, in fact. Even if we were not able to continue selling kratom, but instead it was available through our pharmacies like Sudafed or other medications it would still be a huge win. Keeping the freedom to choose what type of homeopathic or alternative herbal options that are available for use in the US is important.

We should be able to utilize papaya enzymes for indigestion and acid reflux, melatonin or valerian root instead of Ambien for sleep, CBD’s instead of prescription anxiety drugs, and kratom in lieu of oxycodone or Advil.

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