April (420) Monthly Sales! Extended until May 31st!


What can be said about 420 that isnโ€™t already known? It truly is the best holiday for stoners, a great time to gather and enjoy our favorite plant, and a time to celebrate how far legalization has come! This 420 is going to be completely different because the entire month will be 4/20 and we cannot wait for it!

We were so stoked for the first full 420 month that we planned our deals out for a super long time and made them EXTRA special. However, April is going to be starting a little late for us due to the COVID-19 craziness. Headed West will still be closed until April 12th, but that doesnโ€™t mean we canโ€™t start the hype train for our awesome monthly sales! We look forward to celebrating an EPIC 420 month with you when we open back up! Until then, get excited by checking out our awesome April (420) deals below.

*Due to Gov. Jared Polis’s executive order, Headed West is temporarily closed until April 12th. We have extended our 420 deals until May 31st, 2020!*

The best April (420) sales in Denver!


  • 30% Off One, or Buy One Get One FREE on all glass hand pipes, bubblers, and chillums!! Mix and match!
  • 30-35% Off entire selection of glass water pipes and dab rigs!! 30% Off up to $199.95, and 35% off on any priced $200+!!
  • 25% Off Snow Cloud and G9 Tick E-nails!!
  • 20-50% Off grinders!!
  • Buy One Get One FREE on all Maeng Daddy brand kratom capsules and powders!!
  • 20% Off One, or 30% Off any Two or more Charlotteโ€™s Web and Straight Hemp CBD tinctures!! Mix and match!
  • 10% Off One, or 20% Off Two or more Backwoods 5-packs!!
  • 20% Off One, or Buy One Get One 50% Off on Redwood Reserves CBD flower and CBD cigarettes!!
  • Buy and Save on our entire selection of CBD Vape Carts and CBD Pods with 20% Off One, 30% Off Two, and 50% Off Three or more!! Mix and match with brands including CBDistillery, CBD Clear, Green Lotus, and OG Pods!

**All sales are valid while supplies last. May not be combined with any other sales, offers, or promotions. Age restrictions apply. Free items based on regular price and must be of equal or lesser value.

While we are all still stuck indoors and you just got excited for the best 420 sales in Denver! You might as well head over our last blog to keep yourself busy and hyped while waiting for the big 4/20/2020 day to come!

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