How To Use – Randys Echo Vape

Dry herb vaporizers come and go. The good ones stick around for a long time and bad ones…well, they don’t make it to our shop. Lol. The Randy’s Echo dry herb vaporizer is an excellent vape, so good that we made a video on how to use it! You can see that video at the bottom of our blog. Just click this – How to Use a Randy’s Echo Vape.

What is the Randy’s Echo?

Essentially the Randy’s Echo is a portable vaporizer that works with dry herbs only. Inside the unit is a chamber containing a ceramic heating element powered by an internal battery. This chamber can be filled with dry herbs and heated to the point where the moisture evaporates and leaves dehydrated herbs behind. 

How does the Randy’s Echo Vaporizer work?

The Randy’s Echo Vape prevents combustion by only heating product put inside it to a specific temperature. The main feature of the vape is a ceramic heating element which makes for a cleaner vapor. You won’t get any nasty metal taste or inhale any metal toxins here! It’s super user-friendly, with just one button to control power and temperature.
Clicking the button five times turns the unit on or off. Three clicks of the same button cycles you through the temperature menu. Set temperatures range from 356F to 428F, allowing dry or moist product use.
For dry herbs use the lower temperature setting and for herbs with more moisture start high and slowly change the temperature to a lower setting.

Cleaning and Charging

Randy’s Echo Vaporizer has a USB 2.0 charging port on the bottom and comes with a USB charger that plugs into any USB port. It only takes about 2-3 hours to get a full charge, so you won’t have to wait long to enjoy vaping once you open the box!

The cleaning tool included is pretty straightforward. Open the mouthpiece of the vaporizer and scoop out your product. We recommend a weekly cleaning to prevent the build-up of tars and resins. Dip the cleaning tool in your cleaning solution of choice and scrap (scrape) off any build-up inside.

How-To Video


Remember that video that we mentioned at the start of this blog? The How to Use a Randys Echo? Well, this is it! Check it out and head over to our Youtube for more great How-To-Use videos!

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