First Quater Moon & Its Meanings | Eight Lunar Phases of the Moon


Before you dive into this blog about the First Quarter Moon and its meanings, make sure you check out our previous blogs on the New Moon & Waxing Crescent this way you are all caught up to speed!

Phase three of the Moon’s lunar cycle is the First Quarter. This event is when half of the Moon appears visible and the other half is dark. Almost like someone cut the moon in half! It’s not what’s visible that gives the First Quarter the name, it’s the fact that the Moon has traveled about a quarter of the way around the Earth since the New Moon! Pretty cool right? We thought so too.

So when is the Quarter Moon happening in April 2021? Funny enough it happens on 4/20/2021 which happens to be our favorite holiday! So don’t forget to look really HIGH…up this day and enjoy the Quarter Moon!


the new moon and it's meanings

Spiritual Meanings of the Quarter Moon 


You had your fresh start and new beginnings at the New Moon, then you set your intentions during the Waxing Crescent Moon, what do you do now? Well, it’s time to set those plans and intentions into action, push forward and get it going! Do it people Do IT!!!

Obstacles are a way of life, stuff happens and will get in the way. Do not let this deter you from the path and intentions that you have set. Get after it and jump over any hurdles that stand in your way.


Super Pink Moon

Super Pink Moon

April is RAD. 420 holiday, 4/20/2021 is the Quarter Moon, and we also have the first of two “Super Moons” this month. Are you ready for the Super Pink Moon? Do you know what the Super Pink Moon is? Dive in below.

The Super Pink Moon will happen on April 26th, 2021. Look to the horizon around 9-10 pm (MST) for the best viewing experience. This is when the moon will look the biggest and brightest! The super moon will be about 10% bigger and brighter than any normal full moon, but that’s what makes it super!

The Moon will not actually be pink, but that’s okay because it is POWERFUL! The Pink Moon gets its name from the pink creeping moss plant, called “Moss Phlox” that begins to bloom in late April.

Spiritually, the Pink Moon is associated with rebirth and renewal. After a cold and harsh winter, nothing sparks joy and makes you feel fresh like seeing pink flowers sprout of the once-frozen ground!

Dates of the First Quarter Moon of 2021

Jan 20th
Feb 19th
Mar 21st
April 20h
May 19th
Jun 17th
Jul 17th
Aug 15th
Sept 13th
Oct 12th
Nov 11th
Dec 10th

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