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Headed West carries a wide variety of vaporizers! Our goal is to provide a selection of vaporizers for a wide range of budgets as well as individual needs like portability, ease of use, and cleaning. We handpick and test everything we carry to ensure that our customers are only getting the best of the best!

Find brands such as Storz & Bickel Crafty, Mighty, Plenty, & Volcano, Silver Surfer, Vapor Brothers, Pulsar APX Volt and Wax, Davinci IQ, MIQRO, PuffCo Peak and Plus, PAX 3, and more!

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Crafty Vaporizer

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Crafty+ Handheld Flower Vaporizer

From the people who brought you the Volcano Vaporizer: Introducing the Crafty+ an industry-leading handheld flower vaporizer! The Crafty+ features a 60-second heat-up time with up to 30% longer battery life than the previous Crafty unit. Dosing capsules ensure a proper and even hit every time. Quick charging and excellent design make the Crafty+ a must-have for vapor aficionados!


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PuffCO Peak Pro

The second generation of PuffCo Peak Products is here! Introducing the PUFFCO PEAK PRO, the latest portable “Smart Rig. ” The PUFFCO PEAK PRO features an impressive Large Capacity Chamber, Real-Time Temperature Controle, Wireless Charging (sold separately), Bluetooth App Enabled, and Customizable LED Lights!


puffco peak pro

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