Full Moon and its Meanings | Eight Lunar Phases

Wow…six months into the year already, can you believe it? The year is halfway through, which makes it a perfect time to learn about the halfway point of the lunar cycle!  If you have been following this series of blogs you know what’s about to come, if you are new to it, catch up HERE before reading any further.

Phase five of the Moon’s lunar cycle is by far the brightest. Welcome to the Full Moon and its meanings! The Full Moon happens only when the Earth is in the direct path between the Sun and the Moon at precisely 180 degrees. Technically the Full Moon only happens at that precise moment. But lucky for us, the human eye sees this event for two to three nights! During the peak of the Full Moon, the lunar surface will be 99.9% – 100% illuminated, thus creating the bright full moon we all know and love!


the new moon and it's meanings

Spiritual Meanings of the Full Moon

Alignment, transformation, and fertility.

The past four phases of the moon were all about intention setting and focusing on what you need for yourself. Welcoming in the Full Moon means it is now time for you to harvest the gifts of your intentions!

The perfect alignment of the Sun, Moon, and Earth makes this a powerful energy event. Harvest this energy to let go of anything that is holding you back. Let go of anything that is keeping you from transforming into the soul you are hoping for. Say goodbye to anything holding you back from accepting the gifts of your intentions.

Do you have anything that needs to be cleansed of negative energy or something that needs to be charged? The night of the Full Moon place your crystals, cards, or meaningful objects outside so they can bathe in the moonlight and be cleansed and charged until the next full lunar cycle!

Full Moon Rituals

The powerful energy of a Full Moon has been used for many different rituals across many different cultures. With so much information about Full Moon rituals, which one is the right one for you? Well like we always say, do what feels right for you! Below are a few examples to get you started…and remember there is no right or wrong way to do these!

Releasing Ritual – Take a piece of paper and write down the following things: what no longer serves you, what you need to let go of, what is bothering you, and what is stopping you from receiving the gifts of your intentions. Then take this paper and burn it in a fire outside under the moonlight of a full moon. As you do this meditate on what you wrote down and LET IT GO!

Moon Bathing & Energy – If you are near a lake, ocean, river, or pool this is a lot easier for you. However, if you are not that lucky you can still make it work! Moon Bathing is the process of simply bathing in moonlight water with your crystals and meditating on the gifts of your intentions.

For those of us not lucky enough to be near water you are in luck! On the first night of the Full Moon put a jar filled with water outside in direct moonlight and let it fill with the energy of the moon. On the second night take that jar of moonlight energy-filled bottle and add it into your bathtub, light some candles, hang out with your crystals and mediate the same way!

Remember, how you choose to celebrate the Full Moon is the correct way to celebrate the Full Moon! Whatever ritual you choose to do, it’s personal, and it’s yours! Just remember to do it with only the best intentions for yourself and start to look outward as the Full Moon is now changing to a waning Moon.

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full moon and its meanings

The Strawberry Moon

The name of this Full Moon suggests a bright pink or red Moon, but believe it or not, it has nothing to do with the color of the moon! The name actually comes from the Algonquin Indian Tribes who gathered the first fruits of the season, Strawberries!

In most parts of Europe, the same June Full Moon is known as the Rose Moon thanks to the rose bushes being in full bloom! The Strawberry Full Moon will happen on June, 24th 2021

Dates of the Full Moon 2021

1/28 – Wolf Moon
1/27 – Snow Moon
3/28 – Worm Moon
4/26 – Pink Moon
5/26 – Flower Moon
6/25 – Strawberry Moon
7/23 – Buck Moon
8/22 – Sturgeon Moon
9/20 – Corn Moon
10/20 – Hunter Moon
11/19 – Beaver Moon
12/18 – Cold Moon

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