Reconnecting with Nature

Reconnect & Refresh – A Moment of Zen in the 303

We all do it. Sometimes it just happens. You wake up, pour yourself a cup of morning brew or indulge in a classic wake-and-bake session, only to find yourself glued to the screen for far too long, lost in the abyss of doom scrolling, chasing that elusive dopamine rush. And just like that, the day slips away, the weekend fades, and it’s back to the grind we go.

Let’s break the mold, step outside and snap back into the rhythm of nature that surrounds us! After all, It’s the summer and we only get four months of solid warm weather! So together, let’s embark on a journey and rediscover the power of connecting with mother earth and ground ourselves again!

Nature for the Mind, Body, and Soul

You’ve probably heard someone yell “Take a hike” and it was probably negative, let’s reclaim that phrase and shine a positive light on it now! Stanford studies have provided evidence that spending more time in nature can enhance cognitive function and improve memory. But the benefits don’t stop there – being in nature has been proven to lower anxiety levels, boost mood, and even promote overall health!

Believe it or not, being outside can actually make you healthier. Around 13 years ago, a study conducted in Japan discovered that natural compounds called phytoncides, found in trees, can increase the activity of immune cells and the levels of certain substances that assist in fighting tumors and infections. It’s truly fascinating! And it doesn’t stop there! 

In the early 1980s, the Japanese government formally introduced the practice of “Shinrin-yoku” which literally translates to “Forest Bathing” officially recognizing the benefits of spending time in nature for improving mental well-being This practice is more than just “Taking a hike” It’s more about connecting yourself to nature using your five senses. Let’s dive in deeper

Shinrin-yoku / Forest Bathing

We now know that just walking through the forest, wooded areas or any kind of nature is great for your mind, but what does it do for your body and soul? Well, that’s where the art of forest bathing comes into play! Best of all, you can totally take a hike and forest bathe in the same place! 
  • Immersion – If you can’t leave your electronics behind, Turn them OFF. Disconnect. Immerse yourself fully into the nature around you. Live in the moment, feel the air hit your skin, listen to the leaves rustling, breathe in the natural scents, feel the textures, and open up your taste buds to the gifts of nature! (just be careful of what you can consume, don’t eat these) 
  • Relax – Take a deep breath, close your eyes, let your blood pressure lower, and forget the digital and urban world that surrounds your daily life. Live in this moment, free from distractions and worries.
  • Connect with yourself – Strech yourself out, pop those joints, ground yourself with the earth below, and let your mind and body live as one. Reconnect with yourself and find inner peace.
The beauty behind Forest Bathing is that ANYONE can do it! It just takes going out and doing it, even for 15 minutes. Sit next to a tree, lie in a bush, just get out there and take that time for yourself to live as one with the earth! 

The Doom Scroll

So if you are not on board yet about disconnecting and getting out in nature, this may hit a bit closer to home. Have you ever experienced that strange feeling when you realize you’ve wasted your entire day scrolling on your phone? You might think, “I should go outside and do something,” but then you continue scrolling, and before you know it, the day is over, and a sense of sadness lingers. Yeah…that’s because you’re actually sad.

Research suggests that higher levels of screen time or doom scrolling on social media are associated with depression, feelings of loneliness, and adverse side effects on mental health.

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the impact that excessive screen time can have on our mental health and prioritize our mind, body, and soul connection. Instead of getting lost in the digital abyss, take a moment to unplug and venture outdoors!

See through the Screen and into Mother Nature!

Ironically you are probably reading this on a tiny screen, inside a building, or even in bed. But we’d be willing to bet if you put it down for a moment and look around, chances are you’ll find nature right there, calling out to you! We challenge you to take the plunge and head that way.

After all, you’re in Colorado which is known all around the world for its breathtaking views! People travel the world to see it and it’s in your backyard! To help you break free from the urban jungle and disconnect, we’ve compiled a list of our Go-To nature spots! Some are close to home and some are kinda far, but like always, Headed West has your back and would never lead you down the wrong road!

Top Places to Disconnect in the Denver Metro Area


  1. Mount Falcon Park: 21074 Mt Falcon Rd, Morrison, CO 80465
    Mount Falcon Park offers beautiful trails through forests, meadows, and rocky terrain. Take a hike along the impressive 12.5 miles of trails, including the Castle Trail, Turkey Trot Trail, and Parmalee Trail! Stop for a moment and breath in that fresh Colorado air! 
  2. Lair o’ the Bear Park: 22550 CO-74, Idledale, CO 80453
    Lair o’ the Bear has over 12 miles of non-aggressive shaded trails that wind through lush forests and open meadows. Open up your ears and let the tranquil sounds of the creek enter your ears.
  3. Castlewood Canyon State Park:  2989 S State Hwy 83, Franktown, CO 80116
    A super unique park just 30 miles south of Denver. The 14 miles of trails here will take you on an epic journey through a canyon with epic rock formations and towering cliffs. Since this park is lower than most roads in the area, it’s almost silent so it will feel like you are 1000 miles away from civilization! 
  4. Roxborough State Park: 4751 Roxborough Dr, Littleton, CO 80125
    Over 12 miles of trails starting in a meadow, these trails wind through the foothills and will take you back millions of years to view epic red rocks towering above! These giants are all part of the Fountain Formation, just like the ones at Red Rocks and Garden of the Gods.
  5. Golden Gate Canyon State Park: 92 Crawford Gulch Rd, Golden, CO 80403
    Towards the northwest, a bit of a drive outside of Denver you’ll find the Golden Gate Canyon State Park which has over 35 miles of trails that meander through dense forests, picturesque meadows, and shimmering aspen groves.

Golden Gate Canyon


Castlewood Canyon

Lair O' the Bear Park

Mount Falcon Park

Now that you have discovered some of the Top Places to Disconnect in the Denver Metro Area, Take a hike, venture into the woods, and allow yourself to disconnect from the busyness of everyday life!

If you need a touch of relaxation during your forest retreat, consider adding CBD to enhance your experience! Stop by our shop and explore our selection of premium CBD products to help you on your relaxation journey!

Good Vibes!

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