New Moon and its Meanings

For years people have looked up and at the giant glowing object in the sky and wondered what it is! Why does it sometimes appear to be larger, brighter, darker, half-lit, and sometimes completely gone? Well, those questions all now have scientific answers! The moon has a total of eight phases and we are going to cover those phases in depth each month on our blog!

The first phase of the lunar cycle is the New moon. So what is the new Moon and its meanings? Well, Each blog will contain information on what each phase means, metaphysical meanings, best practices during each phase, and what it means for you!

the new moon and it's meanings

What are the Eight Moon Phases?

The moon shines, right? No, it actually doesn’t, what you are seeing is the reflection of the sun hitting the moon’s surface. When the sun reflects off the far side of the moon it’s called a new Moon and when it reflects off the side closest to earth it’s called a full Moon.

The other six phases of the moon, in order, are waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, waning gibbous, third quarter, and waning crescent. A full cycle takes about 30 days to complete, so we are lucky enough to see these events once a month! You can find an exact calendar of these lunar events on the Old Farmers Almanac’s website HERE.

The New Moon

Each lunar cycle begins with a New Moon. This happens when the Moon is positioned in front of the sun, blocking the earth completely. Usually, the new Moon is not able to be seen by the naked eye because only the backside of the Moon is illuminated. The new moon is also called the dark moon for the same reason. During the new Moon & full Moon, tides are the most affected.

new moon diagram

On February 11th, 2021 we will experience the second new moon of the year! Find out what we do during the new Moon below!

when is the new moon in February?

The New Moon and Its Meanings!

Metaphysically speaking, the New Moon is a starting point to set your intentions for the month to come. This is because the new Moon is the start of the lunar cycle. With the new cycle, new beginnings are sure to come and it’s the best time to practice intention setting.

Set your intentions by writing on a piece of paper and tell the universe what it is that you would like to accomplish. Pray or meditate on what your intentions are, what you wish to do, and what your month to look like! Burn some sage or palo santo to clear your space and only put your true intentions out there!

How to celebrate a new moon

Take a step back and take a breath. The new moon is a fresh start. Get ready and get after it!

New Moon – February 11th

Full Moon – February 27th

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