It’s crazy how popular clearing negative energy has become. More and more people are swooping in to our shops to pick up Palo Santo wood and sage so they can burn away all the negativity in their home, new places, and uncomfortable spaces. Why do people burn sage and Palo Santo wood? Is there a difference between the two? Better to burn one or the other for a particular reason? Which one is best? Sage vs Palo Santo. These are all questions we get asked on the daily here.

Smudging, or clearing the negative energy from a space, has been an ancient practice for many cultures. Combining the forces of fire, earth, and air, this method of plant medicine can help to dissipate old, lingering (and new) energies. Sage was common during Native American rituals, warding off evil spirits, and ceremonies for purification and cleansing while Palo Santo (also called “holy wood”) has roots dating back to the ancient Inca’s of South America.


Sage is grown and harvested in Northern Mexico and the United Stated Southwest. When sage is burned, it has a very strong, earthy and herby scent. If you’re looking for some heavy-duty purification and cleansing, then sage is your weapon of choice. Purification and cleansing with sage relies heavily on the energy YOU’RE putting back into the room. Sage not only gets rid of the bad, it can dissipate the good vibes as well, leaving a clean energy slate. It’s alllllll about them good vibes, yo. Let ‘em flow. A simple way to add some extra good vibes (and some sweet smelling smellz) to the mix is to burn some incense or oil along with the sage. Some recommendations of natural fragrances and herbs to use in addition are; bergamot, frankincense, jasmine, and cinnamon. In addition to cleansing the room of all the things, sage smoke can remove up to 94% of bacteria in the air and have an antimicrobial effect up to a month after use.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo wood grows along the coastline of Peru in South America. It is harvested after the trees have fallen naturally. With the increasing popularity of this purifying substance, it is important to research on how your source for Palo Santo is obtaining its’ supply. Is it a sustainable source? Since Palo Santo does not burn as easily and will need to be re-lit for larger spaces, it is best used to cleanse and purify small spaces, yourself, and/or others. While sage rids spaces of ALL energies, Palo Santo is said to cleanse the negative energy away and bring in the good. It’s got a fresh smell that’s sweet and subtle with hints of mint and citrus. Medicinally, this wood contains natural terpenes that can have a positive impact on free radical damage. It can also be used as a healing tool for the flu, asthma, and a variety of other health elements. Palo Santo also makes a fantastic mosquito and bug repellent!

There’s really not a right or wrong answer when it comes to Sage vs Palo Santo. It really depends on how big of a space you’re looking to purify and your personal preference of scent. Some people love the sweet smell of Palo Santo while others dig the earthy tang of Sage. Either way, we love both. We also have a bunch of each for stock at each of our locations. Come on in and check it out – you’ll probably smell one of the two before you walk in the door anyways. ;-p

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