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The Waxing Crescent is the second phase in the Eight Phases of the Moon cycle. The Waxing Crescent is often referred to as the smile Moon because upon observation you only see an eighth of the Moon actually lit up. As the Sun moves closer to the moon this event is only visible for around 6 days until the cycle hits the Quarter Moon.


During this event, the Earth is not actually casting a shadow on the Moon, this only happens during a Full Moon. Just as the earth has “day’ and “night” the Moon does as well. So the Waxing Crescent is a little bit of the “day” side of the Moon shining! As the Waxing Crescent grows more of the “day” side of the Moon is exposed. A faint glow of the entire Moon might be visible due to “earthshine” or the reflection of the suns rays!

the new moon and it's meanings

Metaphysical Properties of the Waxing Crescent and Its Meanings.


Now with all the scientific information laid out, what does the Waxing Crescent mean for you? How does it affect us? In the last Eight Lunar Phases Blog we covered that the New Moon was a great time for intention setting, wishing, and hopes. So if you didn’t do it, it’s not too late as you move into the Waxing Crescent!


As the Waxing Crescent moves towards a Quarter Moon keep your intention setting, hopes, dreams, and thoughts positive and feed them energy. The Moon is “growing” as should your intentions.

It’s almost time for putting your plans in action. Start to take control of your hopes and intentions! Keep going and put that good juju out there, you got this!

Full Worm Moon 

The Full Moon happens on March 28th! It also happens to be the Worm Moon! Depending on which part of the United States you live in, you might know it as the Crow Moon or the Sap Moon. It’s believed that it gets its name from the first signs of spring, typically when the worms start to emerge from the soil & earth as it starts to thaw.

March’s Full Moon signifies optimism, hope, and new intentions. Literally and metaphorically it’s the best time to plant the seeds that you intend to harvest in the fall! It’s time to start a new journey for the year and set intentions that you plan to take into 2021!

Dates of the Waxing Crescent Moon of 2021

Jan 15th
Feb 13th
Mar 15th
April 14th
May 13th
Jun 12th
Jul 12th
Aug 10th
Sept 8th
Oct 8th
Nov 6th
Dec 6th

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