Yay! The Holidaze have arrived!!!!

SANTA LIKES DELIVERING PRESENTS TO COLORADO… Let’s be honest here… we leave the best kind of cookies out for Santa.

We also like to have the best kind of savings this time of year. Save big on CBD, PAX 3, jewelry, glass, and more! Stop on in to any of our locations and check off all the items on your list with items perfect for the gift giving season. So without further ado, here are the promotions for December.

December Promotions

  1. 20% Off, or Buy One Get One 50% Off on entire selection of CBD products!!
  2. 20% Off the PAX 3 complete kit – while supplies last ($50 savings)!!
  3. 20% Off, or Buy One Get One 50% Off all clothing and jewelry!!
  4. Buy One Get One 50% Off on MIT45 brand 2ct Gold kratom capsules and on all sizes of Remarkable Herbs THAI powders!!
  5. 35% Off, Or Buy One Get One FREE on all chillums (glass one hitters) priced $14.95-$19.95!!
  6. Buy One Get One 50% Off, or Buy Two Get One FREE on all glass handpipes priced $20-$40!!
  7. 20% Off, or Buy One Get One 50% Off on Twisted Sister brand soft glass waterpipes!!
  8. 20% Off, or Buy One Get One 50% Off acrylic waterpipes priced $20+!!

*All sales are valid while supplies last. May not be combined with any other sales, offers, or promotions. Must be 18+. Free items must be of equal or lesser value.



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