As many as you know, the former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has been on one hell of a crusade to ban kratom. We’ve spent the last several years battling the nonsense and misinformation tactics used by the FDA. Now that he’s stepped down from his position, it’s time for us to take the opportunity to influence President Trump to appoint an FDA Commissioner who will follow the proven scientific facts.

We need an FDA Commissioner who will step up and help protect kratom. We believe this person should lift the tremendously unfair regulations on imports on kratom. Not only are these unjust regulations restricting the freedom of consumers from obtaining safe and pure kratom but they also allow the American market to be flooded with dangerous adulterated kratom products.

We must work together to continue the fight to keep kratom safe and legal.

Help us and the American Kratom Association by signing a petition to President Donald J. Trump to appoint an FDA Commissioner who will follow the science on kratom!


If you would like to learn more information about kratom and the fight to keep kratom legal, check out our Save Kratom page or shoot us a note.


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